Middle Mountain Momma, 3D profile, looking north. Map made with DeLorme Topo USA 2.0. The green dot marks the start.

delormelgo1.gif (1991 bytes)

Middlemountain3d.gif (171198 bytes)

That's Middle (ring) Mountain on the left, Beard's Gap on the right.

Mommaprofile.gif (4156 bytes)

Here's the course profile, the first big hump courtesy of Stony Run Trail in cahoots with Middle Mountain. Hey, it's only 21 miles (all the twists and turns of the trail didn't show up on the profile).  So what if the course gains more than 5000 feet! The high/low is around 1800'. Also, please note that the course has changed a bit on both sides in 2001.. On Middle Mountain, you'll now stay on top longer to ride that sweet ridge, then down Salt Stump trail (which is on this map). On the Beard's Gap side, you'll go all the way up to the ridge, called Mountain Top Trail, which adds some good climbing, but equally good descending.

Want a 2D topo view of the course? Click along, two wheeler...

Dos Equis XXC 2001