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The Middle Mountain Momma Story

I still think John Denver wrote Country Roads about WEST Virginia! He was just confused (after a long night of soaking in sauce) as to where exactly the Shenandoah River runs....

A lovely trout-stuffed pay-to-fish lake lies nestled in the valley formed by Beard’s Gap and Middle Mountains, but it’s up the sides of the slopes where you'll find the real beauty of Douthat State Park. For instance, note the profound web of New Deal singletrack trails, circa 1936,  that lace the slopes on both sides of the pond. We like to refer to this area as something near to mountain bike Disneyland.

The course provides mass-quantities of singletrack--and--it's almost entirely unduplicated trail! There's so much singletrack you might actually seek something wider after a while. Moreover, about the only non-singletrack sections of the 21-mile-one-lap race are the short start road, a few yards of asphalt, and that is it. And not only is it singletrack, it’s freaking majestic singletrack.

If you raced any edition on this legendary course, you know what we mean. God bless Franklin Delano Roosevelt and New Deals everywhere.

The XXC course is back of course--a trail Odyssey. Double XC'ers leave the state park and traipse across the coolest big-ring pedal-assist slight downhill on the Middle Mountain Ridge--all the way--to route 125. Then, take a quick lasso-loop on ancient CCC, blueberry bush-infested trails of Brushy Ridge, and then you'll know that not many people have pedaled through there before! Later, after climbing route 125 again for a 4 mile ascent (capped with  a 1/2 mile trail up Middle Mountain's backside that burns-baby-burns), you rejoin the 21 mile XC loop, making the best course on the planet 10 steps better.

Course Map

3D course map (please note course configuration has changed a little, but this map gives you an idea of the mountains you'll be scaling) since our map guy can't remember how to fix it.

11 and 21 Mile Course Maps

 XXC Map for portion of course in the George Washington National Forest

To get there: Douthat State Park is located 50 minutes north of Roanoke and 45 minutes west of Lexington
From Lexington, take I-64 west to first Clifton Forge exit (220 south and 629). Take 629 straight into Douthat State Park. From the south, take Daleville exit 150 off I-81 to 220 north. Proceed north on 220 until reaching Clifton Forge, and the end of 220. Take right towards 64. Go straight under 64 (the road turns into 629). Continue straight for 4 miles into Douthat State Park.

Try this  map to get here.

Note: if you park in the park, you will need to pay park fee (3 bucks). If you choose not to pay the Douthat parking fee, be prepared to pay the $50 parking FINE.  

Staging is in the Discovery Center area, which is located at the end of the dirt road, left turn 300 yards past the park office (traveling north through the park). Parking is tight, so pooling of the cars is a terrific idea.

Race Registration: 8:30am to 11:30 am

Course Length: 21 miles (beginner 11 miles), XXC 38.013542 miles.

Pre-register by Wednesday prior to raceday: $25, $30 pro/expert.

Start Times:

XXC Ultra endurance classes begin at 9:30AM with 8 hour time limit. XXC Map for portion of course in the George Washington National Forest

JV Race: 10:15AM

XC Classes: Noon. All remaining classes begin on one minute staggers starting at high noon (12:00pm EDT). Starting order divided by 1-2 minute intervals: 1) Pro/Semi-Pro Men/Expert Men, 2) Junior Expert  3)Masters/Veterans (sport & expert)  4) Pro/Semi-Pro/Expert Women  5) Sport men 6) Sport women 7) Junior sport 8) All Beginners

Accommodations: Deluxe camping and cabins (when available) at Douthat State Park, including a restaurant. Call 800.933.7275 for rates and reservations. Also, a limited numbers of cabins are available (and nice!). Covington offers several hotels, including the Knight’s Court (540.962.7600) at exit 16 off 64, 10 miles to the west, or the Comfort Center at the same exit, 540.962.2141.

See historical results page for, you guessed it, historical results!


 Mayor Dale in the Hall of the Rhododendron King, Stony Run, Douthat State Park