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October 15, 2006

If the Rowdy Dawg has a canine demeanor, last year's affair was just plain rabid! Brush Mountain in the gorgeous Jefferson National Forest right next to Virginia Tech has long been the setting for this certified classic (nee 1989), and with the addition of rockin' trails on Gap Mountain, this one has become something very special.

Of course the trails, Horsehair, The Beast, Basin are all still in there, but add the sweet mountain rock-pocked pathways of Gap Mountain and you've truly found skill rider's nirvana.

For the topographically inclined, the Brush Mountain ridge is the southern stretch of the Dragon's Back ridge. Ride northeast long enough and you'll get to the Turkey Trail (better bring a tent)! 

To get there: Take Rt.708 (dirt) off of US 460 west of Blacksburg. Go 4 miles or so. Boley Field is on the left, and is the second large field you encounter.

Here's a map. If you can get to Blacksburg, this should get you the rest of the way. Further detail: Rowdy Dawg
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